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Rasa Branding

Rasa is a brand dedicated to producing natural products. Farm is nestled in the serene landscapes of Rishikesh. At Rasa, they take pride in crafting our products exclusively from natural ingredients. Our cows thrive in the pristine Himalayan environment, nourished by the pure waters of the Ganges. they harness the essence of nature to create Rasa’s pure cow products and natural oils, carefully crafted from the finest and purest elements available.


Our goal is to create a visually captivating brand identity that represents purity. This involves designing a compelling logo and developing product packaging for our new line of Ghee, oil, and jaggery. We will conduct thorough research to uncover the brand story and incorporate it into the packaging, effectively highlighting the brand's unique selling points.

  • Strategy

    Branding, Packaging

  • Design

    Content, Research, Art Direction

  • Client


  • Production

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

  • Platforms

    Print, Packaging,

Open Project

Rasa (meaning "Rush")
Tagline: The Gift of Nature

Logo Definition: The logo of Rasa embodies the concept of purity and authenticity. It represents the essence of nature as the source of every pure and authentic product.

Through the logo, we aim to convey the idea that all our offerings are derived directly from nature itself. It serves as a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to providing products that are unadulterated and in their most natural form.

⬤ Packaging

Here is the packaging Designing of rasa product

Experience the artistry of our packaging for Rasa Oil and Rasa Pure Cow Ghee. Every detail is thoughtfully crafted to reflect our commitment to purity and nature’s gifts. Our design blends aesthetics and functionality, symbolizing authenticity and the origins of our products.

From the Himalayas to your kitchen, our packaging tells a story of sustainability and reverence for the environment. Elevate your culinary experiences with Rasa’s elegantly designed packaging, celebrating purity and the wisdom of nature.

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